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Top 100 Mahakal Mahadev Attitude Status 2020

Top 100 Mahakal Mahadev Attitude Status 2020

Mahakal Mahadev Status Shayari - Hello friends Welcome to our new post, In this new post you will get new Mahakal and Mahadev attitude filled Hindi status. Friends If you are a devotee of Baba Mahakal then you must search the Internet on Mahakal Status, Mahadev Status or Bholenath Status. Friends We have already posted a status and poetry on Baba Mahakal whose link will also be found in this post and we will continue to share such status with you. Friends, you can upload these status and shayari on Facebook, Whatsapp or any social media site, if you like this post, please share with your friends.

Mahakal Mahadev Attitude Status 2020
Neither counting nor weighing,
Whenever my # gives Mahakal, my heart opens ..!

 Temple bell, Aarti plate,
The redness of the sun on the banks of the river,
#Mahadev has come to life with joy!
Loyalty like death is not in anybody # time
Like # humsafar nobody
And my # Mahakala like #Dear Puri
# Not in the world ..!

 Don't be so proud of yourself,
I do not know how many Mahakals have made and destroyed like you ..!
** Jai # Mahakala **

 A # pagli ye repeatedly
#oh_god What does #oh_god do,
Just watch #Jay_Bhola speak once
If all your #PapaNo # is erased then say ..!

Mahakal Status

 We are crazy about # Mahadev,
Let's go to the #Sina,
This is the jungle of # Mahadev,
Here are the moments of #Lion #Sri_Ram ..!
"Har har # mahadev"

Just like sesame oil, like flames in fire,
Your #Shambu is in you, you can wake up if you wake up!

 The hour of sorrow cannot scare her,
No strength can beat him,
And whoever gets your blessings on my # Mahadev
Then this world cannot erase it ..! Jai Mahakal

 I have done everything by taking # your_name, # my_bholenath
And people understand that Banda is lucky ..!

Mahakal Attitude Status in Hindi

 I am shamboo in yoga sleep .....
Shankar out of sleep .....
And woke up then Rudra was ..!

Where the #Nawabis of the people come to an end,
Just from there, the #Devanans of #Mahakal #Devans start the reign of ..

 He died prematurely,
Who works for Chandal ..!
What a waste of time,
Who is the devotee of # Mahakal ..!

 Blessed Blessed #Bhulanath yours,
#Cody no # in the treasures,
Three people sit in the bus,
You stayed in # Birana .. !!

Looking at the _ _ Mahakal's visit to me then found this world,
Big #Lucky # _Shivapremi is the one we are in.

 No one can do anything
Because we have a child named # + Mahakal ..!

Mahakal Mahadev Attitude Status

 In the court of tomorrow, the world changes,
By grace, the line of the hand changes,
Whoever takes the name of Mahadev from the heart,
In a moment his fate changes ..!

 Is not the intention to rule politics,
This is the teaching of my Guru # Baba_ Mahakal !!

The thunderbolt skips across the sea leaving its shore,
Mahadev's slogan shook when the world moved ..!

We have a small permit from Shama called Mahakal,
Say anything we say, we are crazy about # Mahakal ..!

 I am a # crazy kid, but I am a # heart, a true #
A bit of #AwaraMoon but #Mahadev is your #Deevana Hm .. !!

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